In the tradition of ‘Being Human’ and ‘The Fountain’, a male and female soul exchange roles as student and teacher, abuser and abused, loved and betrayed, in various incarnations throughout the ages, their relationship forged and tested by a Third Wheel soul whose identity only becomes known when the couple reach full circle with each other.
We begin when a hyper-intelligent, slick but very lonely female humanoid ET crash lands on ‘colony’ Earth and forms an uneasy alliance and love affair with a slow-witted but kind caveman in which the Farces of Nature take over, as well as the intervention of a silent ‘friend’ just when it hurts most.

Next — Ancient Athens.  The noble experiment of democracy is already failing. Our male soul seeks answers from the gods through the familiar-looking Oracle of Delphi to save his city, country and world.  But he discovers more about her and the gods than he wants to, and has to ‘grow up’ very, very fast.

Up next—female soul incarnated as a gifted Jewish Earth Healer to be burned for Witchcraft in 1500s Europe, her counterpart a Church-funded scientist/scholar who feels drawn to her.  Trust and betrayal haunt their alliance and friendship, and mutual desire to save the world, each in their own ways.

Next stop in the Incarnation Express, New Orleans, 1820. The male soul is a  failed music composer from Europe trying pass himself off as the toast of Europe to a neuvo-rich ‘uncultured’ America.  ‘Maestro Ludwig’ is hounded by extreme self doubt and economic problems.   All can be turned around if he can teach the ‘Countessa of New Orleans’, a fat cat’s daughter, to play the violin in a winner-take-all bet.  But the wager is harder than he can ever imagine, her survival and his hanging in the balance.

Then– 1930s New York. The male soul is incarnated as Visionary/Inventory Nicola Tesla, the most intelligent physicist and most free thinking, compassionate scientist of his time.   But Nicola’s been put out to pasture, stolen from, ridiculed, or ignored by the scientific community, most particularly the ‘great American’ Thomas Edison.   With no one to pass his ideas on to, Nicola decides to end it all, but is stopped by a female reporter (blue-blood expatriate Virginia Millhouse) who wants to do a story on him.   In the process of doing the interview, Nicola sees himself and his struggles in the female reporter who wants to, and can be, a great scientist.   But there are hidden agendas on both sides of the student-mentor line.

Finally, our two souls meet as archeologists, discovering the portraits they drew of themselves thousands of years ago, and coming face to face with an all too familiar soul they both recognize, and fear for very good reason.

Directed and Written by:  MJ Politis.   CoDir/CoWriter:  Robert Goss.  Starring:  Willy Gaw, Robert Goss, MJ Politis, Marina Seretis, Tiina Valk..   Dir of Photography:  Jiri Bakala.  Music: Trevor Field, Sergei Romanoff, Judy Baker/Ja-el.   Editor:  Jiri Bakala, Craig Langley.

A Long Rider Productions Film
First aired, Global Television (CND)
copyrighted, 2007.   103 min.

MJ Politis, Ph.D., D.V.M., H.B.A.R.P. (human being, aspiring Rennaisance person) 


340 Jenkins Road, Clearwater, BC VO 1N2 Canada