Kefi’s Garage

An old, eccentric Greek-Canadian environmentalist-cowboy  holds onto his plot of unplowed prairie land containing a special medicine Wheel (porthole to the Realm of Light) against all odds so he can pass the land, the fire and the porthole (before it closes forever) onto his Nephew, a tragically-hip, wise-mouthed Yuppie-in-training.  A Quixotic tale with a contemporary Western Canadian setting and Greek flavor.

72 min.  Aired CTV, 1992.

Michael Derbas co-producer, featuring Gordon Tootoosis (Legends of the Fall, North of 60).

MJ Politis, Ph.D., D.V.M., H.B.A.R.P. (human being, aspiring Rennaisance person) 


340 Jenkins Road, Clearwater, BC VO 1N2 Canada