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The following short stories are available for viewing free of charge.
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The anatomy of the universal committee, and how it infects all of our universes.....Satire, one hopes


Aloong short story..... A super intelligent, and very cynical dog has a history with his dysfunctional and not-so-bright human family that works itself out when his favorite member of the two legged "pack", more caring than beautiful 14 year old Jennifer, becomes pregnant, refusing to seek help from her ultra-cool Hollywood Mom and always-at-work dulled out father. Maarleey (spelt with a n extra a and e, at the insistence of his barely literate, rich owners) takes it upon himself to help Jennifer do the right thing and the practical thing, forcing the entire family to face their demons and hopefully come together, or fall apart completely with the most severe consequences for humans and dog alike.


The tale happened eight hundred winters ago, or eight hundred summers ago, depending on whether the Story Teller in what is now Maine, or perhaps Nova Scotia liked the feel of snow under his feet or mud between her toes.   The story never got onto the screen, but remained in the hearts of the People as deeply as the legend of King Arthur was more fact than fancy in the mind of any Anglo.  

IVAN.....The Possible

It wasn’t as if Ivan was a lazy man.  Indeed, he was as hard working as anyone else in his village.  It was just that where he worked couldn’t been seen by other men, women or even his imaginary friends.  


A very-isolated Vietnam War American Draft Dodger hiding out in the Canada bush accidentally rides his horse into a contemporary reality which brings back old memories, opportunities for redemption, and a world that he never thought was possible. 


:An arrogant and dispassionate physician at an Old Age Home comes face to face with his own mortality, and possible future in his own elder years.


A hobo fiddler reminds the  ‘perfect daughter’ of well-to-do immigrant parents that the best way she can serve her father is to be more expressive in ways that her family would consider very IM-perfect.


The Temples of the gods in Ancient Alexandria were given ‘steam’ by  ‘Mechanos’, a master inventor who sold his technology to the Priests, who sold his smoke and mirrors about the gods to the common folk.  But what would happen if one of the gods came to life, and talked about God with the inventor?
Version 2: A 3 min. novel available here

MJ Politis, Ph.D., D.V.M., H.B.A.R.P. (human being, aspiring Rennaisance person)


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