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Sanders Fecalosophy

 -A Socrates is interviewed by the Athenian Actors Studio, and Dog Pound, by a geeky host who sincerely and desperately needs to know how to make others laugh, from places you can trust. The Bernie Sanders-like old fart philosopher offer some humorous and profound answers to this ever-elusive question in ways that makes the viewer think, and laugh, and reflect on social problems then which mirror those we face now.   | Download

Frankly Abused

 -Victim of long term domestic psychological abuse finally breaks, hitting spouce after going brain/soul dead, explaining case to a shrink who has also been abused, and an apparition of spouse that set the chain of aggression into motion in the first place.   | Download

Henry and the Wolf Doctor

 -Excessively independent First Nations veterinary grad, both scientifically talented and tied to her cultural roots, who clawed her way out of an abusive/self-destructive past, is trapped into working for pathologically-paternalistic old Sawbones White redneck veterinarian with a mysterious past in a backwater Western town filled with dysfunctional (and colorful) rugged individualists with their own secrets and psychological afflictions, all brought together by the invasion of ghosts from her past, as well as very real enemies from the Old Sawbone's battles with the suits, and sadistic scumballs.   Read More...

Stalin's Psychiatrist

 -It's 1941. Joseph Stalin has taken Marx & Lenin's vision of a Soviet Workers paradise and turned it into a nightmare in which nothing happens unless he gives his personal approval. Sensuous and smart, Dr. Elena, Stalin's Psychiatrist, must find a way to untangle Stalin's mind and penetrate his cold heart before it's too late for everyone.    View Movie Trailer

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Fetal Distractions

Physician-scientist in 1950 Norway, with help of his wife, makes contracts with hookers to have sex with them and then to extract their fetuses for ground-breaking scientific studies till one of the chosen ladies, a down and out Polish Auchwitz survivor, wants out of the deal.

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In Search of Graffitti Man - Mocumentary

-Who is repsonsible for al the bold, big and very innovative graffiti in Peckerton? Who is "Graffittiman and what does he want? And what is he going to do next that will change the world forever?    View Movie Online

God Does Not Play Dice - Albert and Mileva -  Writer, Producer, Director, Actor.  

Aired Global  TVJan 2009. Fact-based one hour television drama about young Albert Einstein in 1905, and his wife Mileva, and a visitor after hours who made the Einstein's face themselves and each other in their most productive year. View Movie Trailer

To view the full movie please email mjpolitis@yahoo for information

A Viking's Carol  -  (aired Dec, 1989 CTV). Director/Writer

A Prairie-Christmas homecoming story with an edge, and metaphysical heart.
46 min. Christmas drama, Aired, CTV (Canada) 1989…paradoxically, the same week the Berlin Wall came down.                                                  
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Of Lions and Lambs - one hour drama based on book of same title.  Aired regionally, CBC, Feb 2003.
Director, Producer, Writer.              

Cynical, intelligent, and misunderstood female comic who feels out of place on Earth befriended by naïve, all-heart-no-brains New Age bible-thumper who sees said comic as his Spirit Helper, sent by Heavenly father from the Divine planets to teach him how to be a comic. View Movie Online

Let There Be Light  - one hour drama about inventor  Nicola Tesla.   Aired regionally, CBC, June, 2005.Director,Producer, Writer, Actor    

Aging inventor Nicola Tesla, after being banished by the world he tried to revolutionize and save, is 'rescued' himself from suicide by a reporter who has a secret agenda which is his worst nightmare, involving even more possible betrayal and heartbreak. (50 min) (2003) View Movie Trailer

To view the full movie please email mjpolitis@yahoo for information

Mindless Love -  one hour comedy/drama, part of 'Stories About Love' anthology.  Nationally aired, Citytv (Nov, 2005), BRAVO (Feb, 2006).     

Fred, a geeky, lonely, First Nations teenaged Neuroscientist in search of the neurological chemical answer for 'love' yearns for the affections of an abusive, hot-looking, 'cool to be cruel' classmate and to be accepted into the 'in crowd'. With the help of his best friend, a teenaged 'plain Jane' white girl who wants, and deserves to be more, he gets hold of a potent 'love potion' from an outlaw neuroscientist in the backwoods, who turns out to be his estranged Uncle John, who was in the past a guinea-pig for such potions in his youth, with dangerous consequences, as they relate to a woman he fell in 'love' with once, and now doesn't know how to get close to. Commissioned as episodes in CHUM/Citytv 'Stories About Love' anthology. (48 min) (2005) View Movie Online

Mentoring -  feature-length comedy/drama.  Air date  June, 2007, regional Global TV.  
Producer, Writer, Director, Actor.    

Two souls exchange roles as student and teacher in incarnations from caveman times to present times, their relationship reflecting development of humanity at key points in history, catalyzed and challenged by third wheel soul with secret agenda. (120 min) (2007) View Movie Online

  Mindstorm - (Richard Pepin, dir/ Michael Moriarty, Michael Ironside 2000) Story Editor
  Antibody - (Richard Pepin dir 2001) Story Editor
  Kefi's Garage - (Gordon Tootoosis, aired 1992 (CTV) Director/Producer/Writer 
  American Dream #137 - (1996) Writer/Co-Director/Co-Producer
  .Grey's - (1996) Writer/ Lead Actor
  Barker's Bite - (1999) Writer
A Quixotic Western packed with action and very dysfunctional, yet potentially deadly, characters. 
  Liars Theives and Trainrobbers - (2001) Co-Writer
Don Donald's Great Wall


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